Written by Jacob Ibrag

Alphabetically lacking in her

vernacular. Language replaced with short

strides across the bedroom. Grabbing his shirt off the

floor, she tosses towards him and slowly slides against the

door. ‘Why do you go along with this?’ Getting off the edge of

the bed, he takes a seat by her side and promises, ‘you’re

the only thing that makes sense and till you don’t,

I’ll keep answering your messages.’

Photographer Unknown

22 comments on “Along

  1. men in some cases have the heart to make women love them in the first place.

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  2. hey! ive been reading a lot of your poetry and i notice you format them in a diamond shape. Any reason for that? i am trying to be more creative with my form but i also want to work with the themes of the content…. any thoughts youd be able to share on formatting poetry would be very appreciated!!

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    • Hey, so I don’t really have any specific reason for that haha. When I first started, there wasn’t really any format. This format sort of just happened as the days collected into years. I like to believe that time shapes us to a certain degree and maybe subconsciously that’s what I’m trying to illustrate.

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  3. Against all odd’s…

    Well crafted piece of written work..


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  5. emotionsoflife2016

    This is brilliant

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  6. It’s awful, how this woman allows herself to become dispensible at the hands of this man, her purpose of existence is defined by him…

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    • Perhaps it is because she has very little self esteem or sense of self worth. So she contacts him because seeing him come running proves to her that she is in fact worth something. But then, after the event, she sinks back into her depression, feeling no better than she did before. And although he says she makes sense, I don’t think he really understands what is going on in her head because if he did, he wouldn’t take advantage of her (or maybe he knows exactly what he is doing…)

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      • It’s really sad, if your character’s sense of well-written is reliant on how much attention a man shows to her, don’t you think? Besides, a woman’s worth should NEVER be based off of anything ELSE, BUT herself!

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  7. Coffee for the Soul

    Awesome! Follow for follow? 😊

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