Written by Jacob Ibrag

You’re a pretender, pretending to know what I’m

thinking. You’re a pretender, pretending to know where

I’ve disappeared. And here I stand, waiting for you to realize

that I never left. I’m exactly where you forgot to exist. Come

back to what is, come back before we become figments.

Photographer Unknown

37 comments on “Pretender

  1. Danielle de Bruyn

    Amazing! Your poetry is powerful.

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  2. Nice piece Jacob.
    Fine work! πŸ™‚

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  3. Very mystical…


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  4. Definitely powerful with a bit of magical realism. πŸ™‚

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  5. Absolutely fascinating piece! ❀ it!

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  6. I’ve felt emotions like this before… they’ve led me to write some of my most reflective pieces – Thanks for sharing yours! I like when I can connect with others through their work

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  7. “I’m exactly where you forgot to exist.” – This line really resonated.
    There is much to reflect on in this piece. Nice!

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  8. emotionsoflife2016

    Nicely done

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  9. Holy… this is hands down my favourite piece I’ve read of yours so far, and that’s saying a lot. “Come back before we become figments”… powerful. I love it…

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  10. This is so wonderful *_*

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  11. Writings By Payal Tyagi

    Yeah most of the time people pretend about themselves and about us

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  12. Succinctly expressed. I fancy your lines, mate.


  13. Melody J Haislip

    Lovely flow,and your verse sings with passion. Good work!

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  14. Wow! Intense and compelling.

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  15. Great poem! It touched a chord in my heart. These would be the poem I would like to dedicate to my so-called friends.

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  16. Very powerful. Bravo!

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