Written by Jacob Ibrag

It’s the free soul that carries weight,

searching for an appropriate vessel to reanimate.

‘This time it’ll be the right one,’ yet if it isn’t, it’ll have to

wait another lifetime. I caught myself romanticizing about

yesterday. As much as I wanted to forget, there was still some

part of me that wanted to hold to what had happened. Being

a prisoner becomes easy after awhile, we get used to

the small spaces of our own confinement.

Photographer Unknown

16 comments on “Weight

  1. Well said…. We get used to our small confinements , we even get used to a chronic sense of suffocation like asthma , and darkness like an endless winter….

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  3. “…we get used to the small spaces of our own confinement.” – this truth resonated with me. It is empowering to remember that we are the ones holding ourselves back. I always enjoy your writing.

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  4. We certainly get used to our spaces of confinement. we are the jailors and we are the prisoners.

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  5. Slave To Self

    We live in cages full of transience.

    Mine has internet, a table, walls, longings.

    The key, and everything I wish for is in the cage next to me.

    By D.A.Lori

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  6. Eek gads! I can’t say that I’m comfortable with small spaces. Even my clothes have to be a little loose. However, I do enjoy reading your prose. I always appreciate your words, because I know somewhere, someplace, someone feels the need to shake their head up and down in resonance. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  7. emotionsoflife2016

    So true

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  8. Human beings are capable of immense adaptation.But due to our emotions,this evolutionary advantage wrecks us even more.And it is very hard to break away from the cycle.

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  9. Absolutely love your work. Such truth and beautiful said!

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