Written by Jacob Ibrag

She picks up the rickety antique chair

from the corner of the living room and places it

next to her newly purchased coffee table. ‘This is the

best I could do, I’m still trying to fill this place out. Didn’t

know you were coming, so what brings you back?’ Grabbing

the phone out of his right hand coat pocket, he carefully takes

a seat and asks her to listen. ‘You know I’m not any good with

speeches. Every time I try to convey meaning, I sound like

an absolute idiot. So instead I recorded something

and, I hope it makes sense.’ Loading the audio

from his phone, he finally clicks play.

Photography by Vinicius Amano

16 comments on “Play

  1. Great piece!
    Fine work Jacob, as always. 🙂

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  2. Sam Polizzi

    Please follow me! I’d love feedback on my work from an experienced writer

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  3. I am smitten with the honesty of the opening.
    Still trying to fill this place out! aren’t we all?
    That’s the magic for me 🙂
    Always something that holds the reader – great work.

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  5. Hey, thanks for liking my poems. you have a really nice site and your poetry is on another level.

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  6. Making me wonder, what comes next in the recordings, keeping that suspence…

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  7. I certainly hope there’s more to this. It’s not right that you leave us on a cliffhanger like this 😂 thank you for liking my posts by the way. I highly admire your work in words

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  8. Fine way of using words 🙂

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  9. Fine way of using words 🙂

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