Written by Daniel Gluska

Falling into the abyss, fading into blackening sadness. The

darkness consumes me, an infinite pain with no end in sight. A life

sentence too much to bear. Don’t wake me, I’m addicted to this. Nothing

else to feel, gonna be here a while. Banished to this world, abandoned and

deserted. A world of darkness, sadness consuming us all. I wish to be free

but gravity holds me down. Your cold whisper pushing me farther,

as I hopelessly fade away into the hurricane of darkness.

Photographer Unknown

5 comments on “Gravity

  1. Taylor James

    This totally resonated with me. Such a beautiful piece. I relate because it describes and highlights the struggle I’ve had with addiction and depression and what it feels like internally.

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  2. This left me with chills. Beautifully written

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  3. Heartafire

    this is beautiful!

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