Written by Jacob Ibrag

I can’t tell you what’ll

happen, only you can know that.

There are worlds waiting to be forged

from the will of your fingertips. Whether

they’ll be those of opportunity or strife

falls on the mind of its maker.

Photographer Unknown

11 comments on “Will

  1. Yeah, the brilliance of humanality!


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  2. Reblogged this on crjen1958 and commented:
    We should have already been there….

    We’re way behind, so let’s pick are feet, an get a move on…

    chris jensen


  3. Enjoying the recent acceptance theme. Reminding me of “amor fati” or “you can make a heaven of hell or hell of heaven.”

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  4. “There are worlds waiting to be forged
    From the will of your fingertips”
    Fuck me. That’s a pretty amazing line. Loved the piece.

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  5. I love it. It’s short and simple poetry. Although it’s not long you can see the desire through the words. Check out my stuff and leave me some feedback http://www.sindollar.com I appreciate it!

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  6. This is so amazing! Loved it!

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  7. Nobody knows what the future holds, all we can do is keep walking until we get there…

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