No More

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Please don’t tell me you thought

this would be easy. Of course it isn’t, even

though the concept seems elementary, it is the

farthest thing from easy. How can it be when you’ve

got moving pictures of maybe’s stitched within every

vein of your anatomy? I’m not saying you won’t get

it eventually. It’ll be like learning how to swim on

a freezing Arctic afternoon. You’ll either float

with your face down to the oceans floor

or fight with the voice in your head

that’ll whisper ‘no more.’

Photography by Laura Zalenga

20 comments on “No More

  1. Love the quiet power of this Jacob

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  2. Roy Evans


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  3. Wow, very moving. Says a tremendous amount in just a few words, beautiful. Michelle

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  4. It won’t be easy! It should be in theory
    when knowing exactly what we must do,
    but always we choke back, isn’t it grand?
    Let maybes make illusions with potential

    ‘got moving pictures of maybe’s stitched within every

    vein of your anatomy?’ WOW

    Always a pleasure to feel your writing
    Thanks for sharing,


  5. emotionsoflife2016


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  6. its her story


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  7. Loved the inner conflict you showed and developed ending in “fight with the voice in your head!. Excellent.

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  8. Those who says “it’s easy” must have never been in a situation where even just to keep breathing is an agony.

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  9. Powerful words Thanks πŸ™‚

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