Caught Up

Written by Jacob Ibrag

Turning away from the window, she asks him,

‘do you ever think about where we came from? What if

we’re all that’s left in the hollow space of dead solar systems?’

Grabbing another bite of his salted caramel ice cream, he takes a

seat next to her and answers, ‘see that’s the problem with people.

We’re caught up with retired planets and what if’s rather than

concentrating on the souls who love us enough to kill.’

Photographer Unknown

17 comments on “Caught Up

  1. I love this. 💜

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  2. Sometimes the questions we have of life are better, unasked and unanswered…

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  3. You had me at “salted caramel icecream” 😀
    Intriguing micro story, as usual!

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  4. Space, unlimited resources…

    The lacking brilliance of the human-race…


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  5. salted caramel. hmmm… how about , cheese puffs. oh yah, much more better. hehe

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  6. Love this picture.

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  7. Great poem! Focus on the love people have toward each other instead of everything going on around us!

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  8. Short and sweet. I love it

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  9. “Love us enough to kill” what?

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