Written by Jacob Ibrag

I can’t put my finger on it, but something’s

definitely different about you. There’s a confident type of

aura that’s been emanating from your skin and I’m not exactly

sure how to handle it. How is it that I can spot that smile from

across the galaxy and yet I couldn’t recognize that spirit

from when you came down the escalator?

Photographer Unknown

Jacob Ibrag – “Secret

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15 comments on “Recognize

  1. Equally, does s/he recognize the aura in self?

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  2. Fine words in this post, as usual, Jacob!
    Also I have subscribed to your YouTube channel,
    and so looking forward to to your future uploads
    there as well as here.

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  3. across the galaxy and yet I couldn’t recognize that spirit
    LOVE THIS LINE amazing read 😍

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  4. Amazing! ❀

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  5. It is wonderful to hear you read your poetry.

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  6. You are a very gifted poet, and now I can see, a very brave one. Congrats!

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  7. Amazing performance!! The ending was so “satisfying” (if that makes sense)! Hope to see you live one day!


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