Written by Jacob Ibrag

Being with you is like, wait no it isn’t.

It isn’t like anything. It’s deeper than every black

hole that has and ever will exist. I’m infinitely sinking

while trying to reach towards your embrace. I’m fixated

on whether this is even happening, or if you’re another

Tyler Durden knockoff overthrowing my psyche.

Photography by Paolo Raeli

Jacob Ibrag – “Secret

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28 comments on “Fixated

  1. nice…

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  2. beautifully written !!

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  3. Interesting. Not sure if this is positive or negative but you have a strong grasp on beautiful imagery.


  4. Brilliant !! Loved it.

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  5. I enjoy reading that..I also watched your YouTube video of your spoken word. what’s the location. I am very interested and getting up and Performing some of my poetry. And if you don’t mind critiquing the poem that I just put up on my blog.😁

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  6. Open mic – nice! πŸ˜€

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  7. Your uncertainty and perhaps confusion as well come through perfectly. During my time between addresses I rented a room from a woman I couldn’t understand, but I urgently needed a place to sleep and do my freelance work. I thought of her (didn’t say it to her, of course) as Mary Heisenberg. That ended when the landlord ordered her to evict me or face the same. I never did figure her out. She spent most of the time I was there at live-in nursing jobs. And against those reading this may think, no, we didn’t.

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  8. Nice piece! Well structured with levels of content.

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  9. ramblingunoriginalpoetry

    Lovely piece!

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