Written by Jacob Ibrag

You called me an android, a sub human

being emotionally stunted. Your words plowing into

me like an eighteen year old bottle of wine that can finally

give consent to being tasted. And it’s divine and delicious, the

way those authentic letters drip from your lying lips. After all

of these years of forced smiles on social media, you finally

realized that nobody really cared. A decade of likes

with no working heart to receive it.

Photographer Unknown

22 comments on “Finally

  1. I like that last line the best thank you for writting

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  2. It is very sad, that anyone who wants and needs validation from the net people; and never do get any merit from offline life. Where would be the balance of it all?

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  3. This is extremely powerful and relevant – I love your writing style!

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  4. Relevant & true. Love it.

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  5. wow this is awesome! So deep, and powerful!!!! ❀ Keep up the amazing writing

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  6. Stellar Blonde

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  7. Sometimes we are just, too numbed out, to feel anything anymore, and, we may feel compelled, to stay in this sort of a state, because, feeling too much is worse than feeling nothing at all..

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  9. The last line got me my poetry high, that was really good.

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