Written by Jacob Ibrag

I never meant to leave if that

was what you were wondering. Along the

line of us, you gradually began to give away your

independence. You became convinced that you were

irrelevant. I had to go, something had to give

for you to begin to love yourself.

Photography by Paolo Raeli

24 comments on “Give

  1. It hurts so much even just to read the lines.. It’s so painful.

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  2. Your poems just get greater and more beautiful! β™₯

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  3. Beautiful words and love how you show the world.

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  4. Truly wonderful. So well written

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  5. This is the purest form of love that I can think of.

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  6. It takes a lot of understanding to achieve this kind of sacrifice…… Love ur poetry….

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  7. Ms Mollah

    wow! just wow!

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  8. what !! man sadly beautiful

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  9. Ms Mollah

    Reblogged this on msmollahsworld and commented:
    simply beautiful


  10. Jonny Hlumelo


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  11. Jonny Hlumelo

    So sad for the other, but big ups, great story telling. Mm.. hope it never happens to me..πŸ’

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  12. Impossible to love a person who can not love him self .

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  13. “I had to go, something had to give
    for you to begin to love yourself.”
    I appreciate this different perspective on love. How can we teach others to love themselves?

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