Little Bit

Written by Jacob Ibrag

There’s a little bit of you still lodged in my mind,

that little bit that makes me question our divide. It’s that

little bit that holds me from falling for another body, that

little bit that keeps me from moving on with my life.

Photographer Unknown

25 comments on “Little Bit

  1. So, basically, you still need to work on getting that little bit if someone you loved…

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  2. until that little bit became, no more.

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  3. Or you weave that little bit into yourself, making a new whole

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  4. The One-Eyed Angel

    Very relatable. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. o la la! how sad..I don’t know why, they always leave behind a little bit…awesome poem ,Jacob, unveiling a little bit of sensibility

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  7. That spoke explicitly to me. How did you know? A truth for many I’m sure.

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  8. I so relate to this. Ah

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  9. Ms Mollah

    I know a lil something about that bit. I love your words

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  10. A poignant little bit of poetic inspiration.

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  11. A part of me died letting you go, but a part of me lives in you. Beutiful piece. 🙂

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  12. “You got it bad”
    By Usher
    Is the appropriate song to this declaration. So sad!

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  13. No words for this!
    Just eyes. Just picturing the hurt yet love of a person stuck in time.
    I love it! ♥

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  14. This one strikes the perfect chord! Fantastic!

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  15. There’s a little bit of that in all of us.

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