Written by Jacob Ibrag

We’re half asleep while the other half is

arguing about details that won’t matter in the

grand scheme of things. We’re listening without the

actual listening, waiting for the other to finish so we

can begin our own sentences. We’re story tellers,

believing the stories we spin that can only

fit in our own separate narratives.

Photographer Unknown


18 comments on “Stories

  1. This is so beautiful.

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  2. Rene Salinas

    Greatly enjoyed Jacob mind you it is peculiar how we all approach the subject in different ways: “we’re not listening, but we pretend we are only so that we can unravel the stories that are not our own; because we can’t hear our voice so we tell stories of words that go unheard–a silent narrative that pretends to be heard.” Thank you.

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  3. Often it is so,which I feel sad about in recognising my own actions. And yet, the fact that we notice and mourn this lack of listening feels me with optimism too – that flicker of awareness and longing, the inspiration to move towards greater connection and open hearted curiousity πŸ™β€οΈ

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  4. Sometimes we’re just, so self-centered, too caught up, in our own vices, that we failed, to realize the needs of others around us, and, we’d, hurt them, without being aware of that we had…

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  5. k. lawrence

    that hit hard, man. so beautiful.

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  6. Beautifully written and true. Most of them is out ther just half listening to someone and waiting when can they start there own stories..

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  7. So true. I meet people like that all the time, people who only use the gaps when they’re not talking to think about what they’re going to say next.

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  8. photoscientist

    i listen, but no one hears me

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