Written by Jacob Ibrag

You love circles, at least

that’s what you told me. You draw

them without ever finishing. Open ended

because, ‘what’s sadder than ending up in

the same place?’ I gave you a ring and you

hesitated because, ‘I don’t know if we

want the same things.’

Photographer Unknown

37 comments on “Circles

  1. Great piece! πŸ™‚

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  2. …to end up at the same place…sad

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  3. samberryblend


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  4. Love unrequited is the saddest thing!

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  5. why can’t i go on your page? When i try to get it this sign in sheet just show up and i can’t seem to get rid of it. I already follow this blog. why do i need to sign in again?

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  6. Beautifully written

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  7. Heartafire

    yes, this is beautiful 🌺

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  8. What an interesting perspective on circles. Maybe spirals would be better!

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  9. a hopeless dreamer

    Your posts are so short, but they always blow my mind.


  10. Wow, what a poem! I love it. What is sadder than ending up in the same place. I love how that connects to circles. So creative!!!

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  11. emotionsoflife2016

    Marvelous piece

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  12. Short and sweet, with a punch. Love it

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  13. Sounds like there are still, a lot of uncertainties about the love s/he is currently in, before the next steps should be taken…

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  14. So romantic πŸ’•

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  15. That’s powerful thoughts on the circle, according to the omega point theory by tilhard it’s inevitable that we all end up in the same place, as the beginning is always the end, and vice versa as the cycle happens again

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  16. Sad and thoughtful..wonderful!

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