Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘How do we know if what we’re doing is right?’

As we drove along the coastline sky, I couldn’t help but

think of the life we left behind. ‘It isn’t anything except a

story we tell ourselves to justify our flight. Maybe we ran

away because we could, maybe we ran away to survive.’

Photographer Unknown

31 comments on “Justify

  1. Sometimes we all need to run. There will be a time we walk into that confrontation, with all the lessons combine into a weapon that needed be in that verbal duel.

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  2. I realize that we do what’s best for us in that moment. Fear is often a powerful tool, it can make us run away from many situations rather quickly. It’s “fight or flight.” Great poem! ❤️

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  3. smurtagh

    The impression I get here is these people have died and are having a limbo experience where they are driving literally across the sky and the “running away” happened during life. The afterlife is their survival because it’s eternal and not even death can affect them. Nice!

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  4. I love this poem.

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  5. May be we run away to hide
    Inspiring Jacob 👌

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  6. Wow… so little said leaving so many meanings…
    Great work… made me think of current life events

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  7. the very first line is so powerful. love this

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  8. Every generation faces a vast migration, the human spirit just longs to be free 💚

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  9. Nessa Sheron

    Very nice ❤

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  10. The picture is apt for the piece. Excellent work!

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  11. in my opinion, sometimes running away is the only option left…… in life

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  12. Reblogged this on another cracked southern belle and commented:
    this echoes my thoughts about leaving Louisiana….


  13. The road not traveled, Frost. Telling this in ages hence. Nice restatement!

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  14. I love how well this encapsulates a great question of life in so few words.

    I think, we never truly know if we are doing the right thing when we do it — however it sure is nice to look back years later and know you did. Or, at least, feel comfortable and confident with it.

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  15. Candid 'n' Candy

    Depends on the ‘life’ left behind and why we’re running. If it was a ‘bad’ life and we running towards what we hope is hope, then, justified. But if it’s because we can’t overcome …now it gets vague… ‘challenges’ which we can and should as this could crop up again even if we run…then…justifying becomes ‘subjective’.

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