Written by Jacob Ibrag

The Doctor looks at the patient and then glares

back at the nurse, ‘why is she still here? Nothings wrong with

this girl today or every other day that she’s been here for the past two

weeks. There are other patients waiting and I can’t have her taking anymore

atten-‘ Holding out her hand towards the doctor, she apologizes and asks her

if it was at all possible to ignore a fractured heart, ‘I don’t care that I can’t

breathe or see color anymore. I never could in the past, so I never

expected he’d let me keep that. My heart though, it won’t

let me sleep and constantly whispers that the

next minute will be the end of me.’

Photography by Laura Makabresku

31 comments on “Constantly

  1. It is a tendency, that all people suffers. Admittedly I too suffer, knowingly we can surrender to the one who gave us life before all this shit happened. We just have to admit we all suffer and follow what was written and live.

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  2. heartbreak the last of the feeling before numbness. you captured it here.

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  3. Sometimes, we’re too focused, caught up on the known definitions of injuries, that we ignore the non-physical aspects of what can be damaged…

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  4. Heartafire

    A broken heart needs tender loving care to heal. Beautiful poem.

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  5. Interesting thought, some suffer more than others, all for the good…

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  7. Well that’s an eye catching picture haha

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  8. Heartbreak is difficult to mend. Captured brilliantly here Jacob.

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  9. Hi Jacob I absolutely love how the picture captures the palpable appearance and it s deep meaning

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  10. What an impact this has! Beautifully and so tenderly written!!!

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  11. Ugh so perfect!!!! The image, your words, I wish I could add a bunch of emojis lol

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  12. Wow,this is beautiful

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  13. Phew! Spot on. A fractured heart is a terrible affliction


  14. stunning! so true…

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  15. newepicauthor

    I thought it was great! Doctors are always so busy, they make you arrive at least a half hour before they intend to see you. I have never heard of one that specializes in curing a broken heart, but so many people suffer from that very real ailment. Not being able to breathe is a common symptom of many illnesses, but you described not being able to see color anymore and this color blindness is called Achromatopsia. I wonder, can love sickness cause color blindness? Isaac Newton thought that colors did not exist so he experimented on himself by sticking a needle between his eyelid.

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  16. “You can’t ignore a fractured heart” beautiful…Thanks for the like on my Weight of Rocks.. blessings, Jeane

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