Written by Jacob Ibrag

I used to hate going into the city. Let me back up a bit,

I don’t hate the city. It’s the actual getting into it that bothers me.

It’s become a skill to avoid human contact at all cost and it’s almost

perfected in the train. Eyes front and down, preferably into your phone

or kindle. I used to hate going into the city and then I saw this girl. She’s

sitting by the window right now, alone. Something must have happened,

she looks frustrated. No phone to distract herself from whatever it may

be. It’s a sin to cross a persons boundary in this place and yet I need to

find out why she’s crying. Sad beautiful girl, ‘is everything okay?’

Photographer Unknown

24 comments on “Going

  1. Texture of the exact feeling I feel in these circumstances. 😊

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  2. Everything makes sense and gets lighter when you find someone to care ! Nice storie.

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  3. Dope story love how you helped explain the insecurities people can have, I have some recent poetry I just started and it’s a daily reader please check it out… http://www.misanthropic.wordpress.com

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  4. The honest thought, there still is hope for humanity…

    Nicely crafted post…


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  5. Really love this one! Perfect image to describe seeing that someone who shares the same love for solitude and eagerness of approaching her. Awesome job as always Jake!!

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  6. bethanyk

    Written so well to something I think so many of us can relate to from both sides from both people

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  7. Lovely indeed 😊😊

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  8. Hmm, those who what others call as introverts are more perceptive and sensitive to others than most people are. I guess, that is because they are more observant.

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  9. It is one of the great paradoxes of being human, social/individual, invisible/visible, sharing/possessing . . . it is so hard to know when to help and when to hinder. Much as most of the time I strive for invisibility, the paradox is I write for an audience Nice piece!

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  10. An inspiring piece. This is a snippet of life which a lot of us can relate to. I enjoy reading these beautiful snippets of yours and for that reason I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am not asking that you get involved, unless you want to, but at least this way I can share your blog.

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