Being Human

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I’m alive, I swear on my life.’ I’m

a lie, convincing the powers that be that I’ve

ascended my being human. I stand in the presence of

uncommon scents and dead accents. ‘I’m a human, being

larger than this paradigm. I’ve shifted focus on being

what you’ve always desired.’ I whisper stories and

once they let me in, I’ll enroll them. This is

my final act, ‘buy into these words

and I’ll forever deliver.’

Photographer Unknown

12 comments on “Being Human

  1. That makes me imagine a writer sitting on a barstool, drunk and angry at the wold, full of self hate for trying to please that world. It makes me think of Bukowski

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  2. I love your word plays on “human being” and the way you juxtapose is beautiful!

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  3. Thought provoking.

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  4. Very Moving, Thanks!

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  5. The One-Eyed Angel

    I’m always in awe of your literary bounty. Keep it up!

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