Written by Jacob Ibrag

Mangled darkness, she thought as the stars fought to

moon the city through adamant light pollution. Vows expressed,

she lingered for him to say something. The promise for a unified soul

was all she ever wanted. And when he walked away, she swore to

never forgive. Till the last breath, ‘I swear to never forget.’

Photographer Unknown


15 comments on “Vows

  1. Bilal Moon

    Who hurt you?

    Great job in capturing the human condition. So many of us feel animosity toward the ones who hurt us or don’t return our love. Perhaps the pollution is sweet nothings and empty vows. Perhaps it is our inability to forgive and forget.


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  2. photoscientist

    I connect with the Photograph. Wish I had a place I could go to the roof and think without falling off. Could help tame all this madness that is about to be unleashed. Where’s my pen?

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  3. The mention of pollution in this piece reminds me of the way our minds so easily become polluted with hatred and anger, and a lack of forgiveness. I love the ending, swearing to never forget rather than the earlier promise to never forgive. Bitter, but lovely in its own

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  4. Inspiring Jacob 😍
    The best policy is to let go 🌺

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