Written by Daniel Gluska

You’ve taken my flaws,

magnified them in my demise. To

you I’m nothing, taking away all we were.

Destroyed by your words, you erase our existence.

Saying we never were, never really had a chance. The

world I loved, no different than a dream. All the joy

and love, evaporated into thin air. I cry out but

no one hears, for you have laid me to rest.

You shovel dirt on me, wishing

to bury the past.

Photographer Unknown

6 comments on “Buried

  1. AlfaToon

    Hey can you check out my works


  2. Beautifully crafted piece of written words…

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  3. Absolutely beautiful!

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  4. really compelling
    love it !

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  5. Brilliant. Lets go Danny!

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