Written by Jacob Ibrag

I created you in the image of me. For a while,

we lived within synchronicity. Your energy was bound

by nothing, an absolution of endless possibility. And then one

day, you asked me why any of this was necessary, why I gave birth

to just a single being. And when I told you my truth, you asked to leave,

to look for a more powerful meaning. So I split you up into a billion vessels,

a billion souls looking in a billion different directions. I know you’ll come

back again, one day soon. You’ll finally accept that there wasn’t any

meaning, none at all. Meaning sets us in a direction, and that

isn’t what I am. I am the possibility of possibilities,

and you my child are exactly like, me.

Photography by Rachael Crowe

33 comments on “Exactly

  1. Nicely written, only there is no god………..

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  2. Wow, love love love this!

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  3. Beautiful thought. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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  4. I love it! The creation of a being, reflecting the energy of the designed creation which is you! We’re all one. Fantastic!

    “NamastΓ¨ & One Love”β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š

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  5. Nicely played!

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  6. Wow I love this poem! Absolutely brilliant with the wording!

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  7. Incredible piece, and the message I get from it is wonderful!

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  8. Hi Sir,
    I have always admired your work and has been awe at the number of poems you write each without compromising of its beauty. And that the same with poem also, its beautiful take on creation as many have pointed out. But i feel there is something more to it, something deeper. I could be wrong, but i wanted to clarify. Is there a deep seated meaning to this poem Sir?/

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  9. Sometimes, we just have to, let go of that someone we loved dearly, so they can have a life of their own choosing, and this, is probably, the HADREST part of being a parent, letting your young strike out, watching them make their own mistakes, and get hurt, so they can, learn…

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  10. I love this! Beautifully written

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