Written by Jacob Ibrag

She kissed him goodnight and

closed her eyes. Her day was complete

on this side of her life. Waking up, she felt

as if she had been asleep for a week, and yet it

had been less than a second and she had become a

he. Embracing his wife between the freshly scented

bed sheets, she turned to him and asked about his

husband. ‘I never left,’ he answered. ‘That other

life isn’t complete without you in it.’

Photographer Unknown

9 comments on “Complete

  1. I don’t understand…

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  2. Love is beyond gender . Beautiful.
    Sex reassignment surgeries often begin with the support of a partner . Very few persons actually feel trapped biologically by the gender , most feel the social constraint upon them selves for being women. Gender dysphoria is a social construct very often. But rare cases of transgenders choosing a gender / a real woman choosing to be a man may be possible.

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  3. Interesting thought, turn of life, hidden transfer, just another day…

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  4. Sometimes, it takes someone else to make you see who you really are, and, the other person makes you so comfortable, that being nothing less than who you really are just comes naturally…

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  5. your words are wishes

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