Written by Jacob Ibrag

You hoard those words as if

they belong to you, as if they’ll grow in

value over time if you deprive them of oxygen.

We beg that you spill those secrets, the ones that have

been clawing at your mind to let the world see them.

This is why you were created. You carried the

weight for so long, we’ll help deliver

the information.

Photographer Unknown

25 comments on “Words

  1. Yes, I finally found the right venue to express my words freely. Not many would appreciate my openness in my blog but now I enjoy freedom like I’ve never had before.

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  2. I love this one. I am trying to be braver and this spoke to me.

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  3. That’s exactly why I’m here. That’s exactly why most if not all of us are here. Thank you for your voice.

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  4. I love that I found Twitter and created my blog to finally let go of what I wanted to say. It is incredibly freeing! Loved this and all you write.

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  5. That’s intense ❀

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  6. Yes, yes, yes!

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  7. I’m lost for words. Beautiful

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  8. A great poem! I just voiced out my opinion recently about a certain issue and I feel like this is exactly what I need to hear. Great!

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  9. kingforaweek

    Good share. πŸ™‚

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  10. Bu y is it so hard to find the right words? Even in the simplest situations we fall short of words..

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