Written by Jacob Ibrag

Even the wisest wonder why

we expire, investing their lives inside

constellations while looking for answers.

Maybe there’s a planet out there with people

that can’t die, where the wisest wonder

the purpose of their forever lives.

Photography by Paolo Raeli

6 comments on “People

  1. Very interesting. I’m not sure what it means exactly – probably many things – but I am intrigued by your line “investing their lives inside constellations”

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  2. when answers have purposes, the question is answered

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  3. M. Sakran

    Either thought – that of life ending or that of life unending – both come with many philosophical issues. There is sometimes this unspoken metaphysical thought, that coming to terms with what is and what it is like, can somehow affect what is, and what it is like. There is an answer, and it’s there, but it isn’t dependent on perspective. It isn’t like some picture that looks like one thing and then another depending on how you look. It is absolute. There is more to this, but as stated, just thinking about it isn’t enough.

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  4. I hope I’m not wise. I don’t want to wonder purpose and fate, forever. What a damned existence


  5. Ahhh…the journey of the mind.

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