Written by Jacob Ibrag

He plucked the stars out of the sky and clothed her neck

with a string of diamonds. ‘Each one for every time you shook

my life. I’d give you more if there were any more to find.’

Artist Unknown

25 comments on “Shook

  1. beautiful thought.

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  2. Jyoti Jain Soni

    Wow,beautiful thought!

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  3. So beautiful😍

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  4. Roy Evans


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  5. I absolutely love this. I even sent it to some friends.

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  6. This is beautiful. Your work is some of my favorite on WordPress.

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  7. I love this beautiful poem! (The picture goes extremely well with it – so gorgeous!)

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  8. Lilac & Honey Blog

    Love this!

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  9. You say so much more with your less. I wish that I would learn that trick. πŸ˜‰

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  10. Very impactful writing, awesome visual as well. Keep them coming
    Poetry Inspired 😎

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