Written by Jacob Ibrag

You loosen your shirt, it’s getting

a little harder to breathe. The carbon dioxide

your lungs are so used to getting rid of are suddenly

collecting. It’s a cool seventy degrees with no wind and

yet your body is shaking. She’s takes your hand

and says yes. You don’t want to be here,

not with her, not yet.

Photography by Paolo Raeli

11 comments on “Harder

  1. ahhh… aint that easy. umm hmm… oh yah

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  2. Gave me the feels! 👏

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  3. Sometimes, love comes too easy, but at the wrong time…

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  4. So powerful…the end truly shook me.

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  5. Wait what is she saying yes to?

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  6. psiberite

    Great to see a picture in your writing. Anand Bose from Kerala

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