Written by Jacob Ibrag

We’ll play with words,

pretending to misunderstand the

intentions. And then we’ll want to touch

one another, to disappear within each others

bare skin. Yet it will have been too late, trading

goodbyes instead of sharing the secrets of each

others lips. Imagining what could’ve been,

existing solely in the what if.

Photographer Unknown

25 comments on “Solely

  1. Sometimes, we come to the realizations of what a good love we once had, and, we live in regrets of our if…only’s…

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  2. Love is a constant analyzing of the unfortunate moments and cherishing and holding fast to the beautiful ones! •••♥ love this verse ♥

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  3. “existing solely in the what if.” – This is a great line.

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  4. This post can’t be re-blogged!

    Other wise outstanding piece of poetry…

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  5. Can’t wait to start reading more!

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  6. Beautiful words.

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  7. Sometimes the what-if is all we’ve got.

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  8. I think most of us could fill a book with our what-ifs…
    beautiful and evocative.

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  9. marriedtotheink

    The familiarity of these words is unsettling

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  10. Ibrahim Abdullah

    Jacob, you wonderful poet, you.

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  11. Excellent – love the last line.

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