“It’s easy to look at people and make quick judgments about

them, their present and their past, but you’d be amazed at the pain and

tears a single smile hides. What a person shows to the world is only one tiny

facet of the iceberg hidden from sight. And more often then not, it’s lined with

cracks and scars that go all the way to the foundation of their soul.”

– Sherrilyn Kenyon

Photography by Hello Olivia

7 comments on “Look

  1. Mesmerising shades

    And that is so true about being judgemental, yardstick even come

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  2. S down to what one wears and eat. Thats sad.

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  3. Oops error in posting

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  4. Extremely beautifully penned…

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  5. Beautifully written.
    Simple words with such an earnest message.

    I wrote a similar(ish) piece on laughter if you wanna have a read (https://continuedthinking.wordpress.com/2017/07/04/continued-thinking-laughter-weapon-or-cure/)

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