Written by Jacob Ibrag

Stay a little longer, not tired of

you yet. Just a few more moments and I

 swear to reject ever second. Kindness kills, so

 please crush my spirit. Bleed me till I need to escape

this. Rather despise those lips than be taunted

knowing that we can only be friends.

Photographer Unknown

16 comments on “Knowing

  1. I wish someone would feel the same for me


  2. The feeling of knowing that it will work out only as friend is truly depict in the breaking of line..love it..like it.

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  3. photoscientist

    Sometimes friendship is all that someone is available for.

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  4. Sometimes, when there’s a fall out like that you can’t even be friends anymore, and we should, cherish what we shared with those with whom we feel that strong connection to.

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  5. Sometimes when we can despise someone maybe it is the only way we can let them go…. 😩


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  6. I love the honesty in this piece. Well done!

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  7. Being honest is the biggest honor you can do for a lover, than laying on lies for a friend.

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  8. Thank you for the sharing of your emotions. beautiful xo

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  9. I hate it when some girl that I am interested in puts me in the friend zone.

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  10. Being friends forever and ever is bitter but the moment of together can be preserved forever

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  11. 😦 I know the feeling

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  12. Reblogged this on Nea Kris and commented:
    Great piece. Feel it…


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