Written by Jacob Ibrag

It crumbles into the wind. Rise to a stench of wanting to

care. Walk on a bridge that seems familiar. Discover what’s been

missing, a little of you that has been waiting. In the middle now,

pick your reason. Fall on your sword, wake up and repeat.

Photographer Unknown

Here are two new videos from the open mic poetry night we had back in March. Follow our facebook/twitter/instagram for future event info. Hope you enjoy!

Read this piece – Diverge

19 comments on “Pick

  1. BoldBeat&NipLESS

    “Rise to a stench or wanting to care”

    This…. this says so much to my life at the moment. Love your writing so much! Needed these words this morning!

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  2. Liked your writing a lot

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  3. Interesting thought!

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  4. I cant do justice in words… beautiful

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  5. Dainelle Writes

    Beautiful πŸ™‚

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  6. Caleb N.

    I love this!

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  7. I like this poem. There is a lot to be had here. Have you ever thought of extending it any? I am interested to hear more about this bridge and how it seems familiar but isn’t.

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