Written by Jacob Ibrag

Lazy days in my mundane ideal

of a perfect get away. I got away. Hazily

estranged by the road less traveled. Track marks

by the hundreds, back and forth, straight arrows. Yellow

lines dividing me from the alternate dimension, tip toeing to

the next camp of strangers. Belonging. Misfits gathered in a place

void of direction. Belonging and yet not at all. There’s another

place, it’s an uncomfortable one. Home. We fit once. I

got away. And now she’s found a new visitor.

Photographer Unknown

16 comments on “Visitor

  1. Very unique

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  2. It’s always hard to find someone who can share your system of beliefs, your interests in life, and once you found that in someone, you must, hold on to what the two of you shared, because it’s so easily, lost…

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  3. It’s beautiful.. And unique. I love this a lot πŸ’“

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  4. Caleb N.


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  5. This is an amazing poem

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  6. myageofaquarius

    This resonates with me; I apply it to my inner growth and experiencing new tribes as I go along. I know that uncomfortable feeling of home (self) not being what it once was and finding a new resident filling the space where I once was. It no longer feels the same because the new me has made it her own and so it will rinse and repeat after the next growth spurt. 😌 This was a really good post. Thanks!

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  7. S. Thomas Summers

    The sorrow is palpable.

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