Written by Jacob Ibrag

Pour it onto me. It’s alright, I’ll

take what you’ve been rejecting. Potential,

you can’t see it. How could you? Seeking perfection,

you’ve given up on reclaiming the fragmented. Weapons

of mass growth. Throw it all away, I’ll catch it. You’ll

see what you’ve been missing. Sweet release.

You can’t buy this. Authenticity.

Photography by Tommy Ingberg

16 comments on “Authenticity

  1. Read it 5 times over!
    Loved it! My hat’s off

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  2. marriedtotheink

    This is so honest and fluid

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  3. Oh no, authenticity cannot br bought, it must indeed come from the inside.

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  4. I totally relate to this!

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  5. i don’t know… Those

    monks believe that you can buy good karma?

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  6. Sometimes, we pursued perfection too hard, that we’d lost sight of what’s unique about our selves, and failed to realize, that it’s the flaws, that made us special, that it’s nothing to be ashamed of…

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  7. Wonderful.. Simple wonderful, Jacob! I like it! πŸ˜€

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  8. Authenticity! So important. Good write.

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