Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I’m not going that way.’ Abandoned interstate.

He picks up the nearest rock and stares at it, ‘black cat crossed

that path. We need to go back.’ What in the, ‘hell are you talking about?

The maze is just a couple of days away. Not going to ask you again kid, you

coming?’ About face, ‘the road is foreign and sequestered within itself. Watch

your words, avoid buying into your thoughts. You’ll get where you need to

be. Drive your teeth upon this rock, you’ll get there eventually.’

Artist Unknown

11 comments on “Teeth

  1. myageofaquarius

    “Drive your teeth upon this rock, youโ€™ll get there eventually.โ€™” I am having a challenge connecting with this last part. Are you saying, the journey will be slow and winding if we continue to resist moving forward?

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  2. i must well written, however you lost me!

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  3. For me, I interpreted a definite sense of determination from this piece – very thought-provoking! ๐Ÿ™‚

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