Written by Jacob Ibrag

Specks of kismet. A sneak peak of

what could’ve been. Astrological opposites.

Tucked underneath these we scented blankets.

Pretenders till our morning intervention.

Actors till end of our production.

Photographer Unknown


15 comments on “Actors

  1. Kismet is one of my favorite words. Really enjoyed this piece.

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  3. That is a beautiful, unbelievably cool photograph. Love the black-and-white. I don’t think the pic would’ve worked in color. To me, b/w forces us to see and feel the subject rather than get lost in the lighting, the hue, the intensity of color. Please, I love color photography as well, but Ansel Adams, Mary Ellen Frank, Dorothea Lange, and the b/w portrait work of Annie Leibovitz just begs you to fall into the frame.

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  4. Throughout the drama of life….

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  5. Sometimes, we play pretend too much that we’d gotten lost in the process, and become comfused as to what is real and what’s fake in our selves…

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  6. C.M. Blackwood

    So real.

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  7. Wonderful! πŸ™‚

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