Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Why do you, why write everyday?’ He

asked as she exhaled voluntary. ‘For the same

reason you breathe. If I stop, I cease to be.’

Photographer Unknown


38 comments on “Everyday

  1. Yep, that’s why I do it!

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  2. Amen to that! 🙂

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  3. So, beautifully said!

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  4. Loved this, reblogged!

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  5. Simple, spot on, and perfect.

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  7. messageinstanza

    So true! Poetry is our breath and life!

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  8. Writings, my own version of therapy🙂

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  9. Rays of Inspiration & Motivation

    Wow! beautiful words🙂👍

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  10. Words spoken, so true, of writers, we write, for the purposes of our selves first and foremost, not for anybody else!

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  11. This is profound af!

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  12. Absolutely beautiful

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  13. Fabulous answer 👌👌

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  14. That sums it up for me!

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  15. I love this! Yes and yes! Can’t stop!

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  16. Yep, me too! Great post.

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  17. Rilke, “Letters to a Young Poet.”

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  18. Reblogged this on JUHE.


  19. mscapricorn

    I haven’t been breathing for a long time but I finally found my breathe again recently. Nice. 🙂

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  20. Amen to that. ♥

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