“If we find ourselves with a

desire that nothing in this world can

satisfy, the most probable explanation is

that we were made for another world.”

– C.S. Lewis

Artist Unknown

5 comments on “Probable

  1. priyanka47

    Do you really feel we belong to different world? I feel like I belong to earth. 😀
    To be honest, I have this question chasing me,” What is that which satisfy me?”
    I try to do stuffs that I don’t do regular such as singing a devotional song. And when tears roll down due to ecstasy, there’s a feeling of satisfaction which goes off soon.

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  2. Brilliant! 🙂

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  3. Woah, interesting piece. I guess “another world” could refer to another time period, another place, another society/social group, etc. There’s so many different people and experience in the world, but we have limited capacity.

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  4. I’ve gotten about halfway through the book this quote comes from. Great thoughts.

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