Written by Jacob Ibrag

Grasp for the pen my

friend. Write till you can’t. Write

till there’s nothing left. And when the

emptiness settles in, fill yourself

with new experience.

Photographer Unknown

21 comments on “Grasp

  1. Writing never ends. You captured it perfectly!

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  2. Some days it’s pretty hard, other days you keep writing

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  3. This….my all time favorite

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  4. Dainelle Writes


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  5. Beautiful! 😊😊

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  6. Write to immortalize the voices that will sing you lullabies when the time runs out and we turn into ashes and are carried all around the world, all the way to the stars, all the way to the new dawn when we meet again…

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  7. Beautiful ❀

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  8. poetrybyangelamariesuor

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  9. Fantastic. Even with my side rent, It seems all the words pour out, yet the black fist remains within, it’s grip, unrelenting.

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