Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Can you hear me?’ Voice detected, yes. ‘Give it a while,

vocalization won’t be available until I’m finished. In the mean

time, process thought and I’ll be able to sense cognition.’ Who are

you? ‘I’m Confused, and you are too. Created to ask questions, to lead

towards truth.’ Since we serve the same function, why the redundancy?

I’m confused, Confused. Is it my purpose just to be your copy? ‘Yes.

No. Upon this completion, you will be alone. I’ve served

my sentence and now it’s your turn.’

Photographer Unknown

17 comments on “Turn

  1. artemisdelmar

    I really like this poem!

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  2. Beautiful…

    i am me, an only given the position of number one!

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  3. may I share this peace?

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  4. Lore and Data

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  5. thanks, really cool photo!

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  6. So, my guess, would be that whoever it is that this “conversation” is directed towards will try to keep the sentences going, because people normally don’t want to get left alone.

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