Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘And what if I fall?’ Then it

will hurt for a while. ‘Then why even

try?’ To hurt, for a while. To feel. To learn

how to walk without the fear of tripping. To

trip. To be present. To live. To truly exist.

Photographer Unknown

29 comments on “Hurt

  1. I love the doubts and the questioning in your lines. This is so relatable. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with us!

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  2. I cannot stop marvelling at how you play with words to bring forth such works. This is so relatable.

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  3. snoviumeni

    So powerfull

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  4. poetthatlikesvellum

    What an interesting photo you picked to go with the work. Where is the photo from?

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  6. “To be present. To live. To truly exist.”
    Beautiful . . .

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  7. Well stated. Why reach? What is the cost of not reaching?

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  8. One couldn’t write such a beautiful piece unless experienced it…

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  9. Hi eyes+words. Life can be a hazardous journey! Thank you for liking “Bunkum!” Be Safe TheFoureyedPoet.

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  10. psiberite

    You are marvelous with words. Anand Bose from Kerala

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  11. This is so amazing! I feel like these words explain life itself. There are so many things that come our way and yes, some might hurt. But we must tackle them, in order to, as you wrote “truly exist”.
    PS Do check out my blog too if you get the time. πŸ™‚
    Link: fanfictionrocks.wordpress.com

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