Written by Jacob Ibrag

Malleable narratives. Multiple recollections to

single events. Waking up in the morning, choosing which

story to live in. Doesn’t make us right or inaccurate. The sun

scorches either way, with or without our participation.

Photographer Unknown

7 comments on “Participation

  1. Hidden advents, walking through time,
    choosing a moment, one eye blind….

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  2. I love “choosing which story to live in” My daily life.

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  3. Jacob, I love this one. I am especially fond of this line, “Multiple recollections to
    single events.”

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  4. So, we put ourselves out there, to make something meaningful of our own lives…

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  5. The poem ends with a sense of being unable to change a thing, but I feel throughout how much power we have to picknour experiences each day, and our need to participate to make it special, no matter what nature brings.

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