One Another

Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘What did I do?’ It’s not what

you did, it’s what’s coming. I knew as

soon as we touched, I saw the middle and

end of us. It’s not what you did, it’s what’ll

happen if we remain with one another.

Photographer Unknown

12 comments on “One Another

  1. Touched my heart. This is a very beautiful piece.

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  2. I know this feeling.

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  3. Concise and sweet. In a few words there’s joy, hope, fear. This is a feeling we all know, all live.

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  4. This is deep…<3

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  5. I like the way this evokes strong feeling…but it’s sad. 😦

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  6. So, because you can foresee the end, you’d, not even begun…

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  7. I just went through this. I knew we would say goodbye as soon as we met. Nonetheless, I treasured the little time that we had. It was worth knowing him.

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  8. I’ve lived through this always blind while doing so.

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