Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘She’ll see you now sir.’ Sure she

will, and so will the rest of the world.

The unraveling of me. A chance to pick

apart a human. ‘Forms ready?’ No, but I

signed them. I’m a walking diagnosis,

a soul waiting for its return ticket.

Photographer Unknown

17 comments on “Return

  1. I love this. “The unravelling of me” for the world to see. “Picking apart a human” and “a walking diagnosis”..such great phrases. Please know I am an ardent follower even though I may not leave words.

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  2. Beautiful poem. Love this – “soul waiting for its return ticket”

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  3. photoscientist

    Looks like to is my turn to be unraveled.

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  4. gardenlovepoet

    Love ❀

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  5. Nice, tight writing with strong imagery. Thanks for sharing it

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  6. Wow this is powerful. I love it!

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  7. Very interesting perspective on the anticipation of meeting someone, you really described the mindset of the individual waiting for whatever comes next in life well.

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  8. As always, the twist in your works are so uncalled for. Leaves me wondering how you do it every time.

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