Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘I can’t promise you anything except that this

path is narrow and dripping with finality.’ To fall off is

to lose sight of its ending. She knows more than she cares

to explain. I am ignorance laced with predisposed decease.

And what’s left is a shell itching for a different filling.

Photographer Unknown

10 comments on “Filling

  1. gardenlovepoet

    The path in life has many roads and sometimes they can lead to either better parts or the parts that will be struggle and hard ship and unfortunately not many have a choice in which one they go on.

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  2. Very profound, in this search for one’s own meaning of existence…

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  3. Eloquently written.

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  4. obathepoetlady

    This one got me ❀

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  5. The ultimate truth of life, conveyed right here.

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  6. Knowing when to move on from an experience which has already served its purpose.

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