Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Go left and stop at the green light.

Leave the engine on and walk the rest of

the way.’ Call ended. She turns the wheel and

is instantly met with hundreds of other vehicles.

More candidates. This is another test, has to be.

With just a few seats left, she began to hurry.

‘They don’t want it as much as me, to be

a keeper of our cosmos secrets.’

Photographer Unknown

22 comments on “Keeper

  1. obathepoetlady

    Great poem

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  2. I am still a little confused in all honesty. Would you mind examining the end?

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  3. artgalblog

    Lovely poetry

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  4. artgalblog

    You are welcome

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  5. artgalblog

    What inspires you to write such poetry
    I need to know

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    • One answer is that I inspire myself. There is much I think about and rather than letting it fester and expire in my mind, I share with all who are willing to partake in it.


  6. ambikabhardwaj

    I love the way it starts, sets the reader on the edge of a looming adventure!

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  7. Understandably written way over my head….

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  8. Hey Jacob, thanks for checking out a recent post and liking it. I appreciate it.


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  9. Everyone needs something more than everyone needs it. Otherwise, perhaps on the way to see something by Brian Greene

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  10. Interesting I like it πŸ€”πŸ™„

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  11. This one is probably a fav

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  12. Your welcome your a talented writer I like most of your posting

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  13. Judi Risser

    I enjoyed this…curious to see what comes next… a sequel?

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