Written by Jacob Ibrag

Take. Broken picture frame of last years holiday.

Accompanied by the passing seconds looking to hitch a ride.

Carving thoughts into the skin, finishing their masterpiece when

you’re finished carrying them. A walk towards anywhere that’ll grow

answers. ‘If only such a  place existed.’ If only such a place existed.

Photographer Unknown

3 comments on “Finished

  1. These places exist within us yearning to break out and feel the way the wind feels when one is liberated. I have stopped seeking answers in the external for they are never quite satisfying. Instead I try to free myself of the external. It’s never easy for saying it and then attempting to live it is a thing that we eternally struggle with. Yet I actively seek a way to find peace within and then lead by example…

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  2. Reblogged this on Sketches By Nitesh and commented:
    “If only we could soothe this motionless chaos,
    if only we could collect the mist of memories forgotten.
    If only.”
    Sorry, I did it again. 🙂

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  3. “A walk towards anywhere that’ll grow answers.” 💖

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