Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Around there, did you see that?’ Silver lights

peering from a short distance. Choices. Approach the

unknown or follow the path written. ‘I’m probably just

seeing things.’ Pretending in the space of simplicity.

Photographer Unknown

24 comments on “Simplicity

  1. cedricramey

    Great post!

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  2. I love your poem!

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  3. ❀ Love this so much.

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  4. Nice poem. If you have time, take a look my poem and give me advise or comments. I love literary works so much.

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  5. Love the words and visual

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  6. Dire_diarist

    Aah. Intriguing. Simple yet enough. Great piece of work.

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  7. Things that appeared to be so simple, aren’t really simple at all, and that is the oxymoron of life sometimes…

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  8. ‘Follow the path written’ if only it were straight and narrow.

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  9. Chance or safety? Written by whom is the deeper question, your choice or another’s for you.

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  10. Wonderful lines!!

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  11. Fantastic!

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