Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Around there, did you see that?’ Silver lights

peering from a short distance. Choices. Approach the

unknown or follow the path written. ‘I’m probably just

seeing things.’ Pretending in the space of simplicity.

Photographer Unknown


24 comments on “Simplicity

  1. I love your poem!

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  2. ❤ Love this so much.

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  3. Nice poem. If you have time, take a look my poem and give me advise or comments. I love literary works so much.

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  4. Love the words and visual

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  5. Aah. Intriguing. Simple yet enough. Great piece of work.

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  6. Things that appeared to be so simple, aren’t really simple at all, and that is the oxymoron of life sometimes…

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  7. ‘Follow the path written’ if only it were straight and narrow.

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  8. Chance or safety? Written by whom is the deeper question, your choice or another’s for you.

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  9. Wonderful lines!!

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  10. Fantastic!

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