Written by Jacob Ibrag

Wind is picking up, gathering a plethora of yesterdays. You

can follow where it’s going and lose sight of today. Careful though,

there is no waiting. It goes on, even if you lose track for a second.

Photography by Craig Whitehead

15 comments on “Plethora

  1. Love this 😊
    Be present in the moment..

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  2. emotionsoflife2016

    All we have is the now

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  3. The importance of stop dwelling on what’s already done and gone, and just start living in the moments, a very important lesson in life indeed!

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  4. “Gathering a plethora of yesterdays” nice line!

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  5. I’ve been away from you for just the right amount of time. You have created such wonderful dishes for me to feast upon my return.

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  6. Curious if you’re a fan of Sharon Old’s by chance. Your style kinda reminds of hers…

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