Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Can’t gather the words to structure

these thoughts.’ Can’t force it. You have to

let it live inside your mind till it gets too big

to shelter. It’ll flow through your lips, in the

very moment it knew that it had to exist.

Photographer Unknown

12 comments on “Flow

  1. Go with flow man.. 😊 Nice Post

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  2. In Your Subscription form in last name it is asking a valid number


  3. Wow! What a powerful post!!

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  4. rcmackenzie

    Okay, yes, I LOVE this… this is the exact process… art, poetry, they’re a very organic thing. They happen in their own time. ❀

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  5. Wonderful. I especially like this part, “let it live inside your mind till it gets too big

    to shelter.”

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  6. You just can’t force the creative process to happen, it must happen on its own…

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  7. I hate having to force it. Although sometimes if I shove a little, it bends and creaks and finally gives in to me. And then I’m writing for minutes at a time!

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