Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘When you wake, there might be

some pain. That’s normal and actually an

indicator that the mind is reaching towards its

healthiest peak. Do you have any questions before

we begin?’ It’s a new procedure, one that will age

this body towards its early twenties. I’ll look

like I did before she took me. Past is the

past. After tonight, I’ll never

have to look back.

Photography by Felipe P. Lima Rizo

11 comments on “Reaching

  1. Beautiful. I love your work.

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  2. “Iโ€™ll look

    like I did before she took me.” That is a powerful and pain-filled line. Still I don’t know if I want to lose the look of being took. My scar reminds me to not fall into the trap again.

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  3. Nice post

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  4. Wonderful!

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  5. I am lost for words Jacob.

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